Jameson Evenden

The Christian life is not always a neat and tidy thing. It is filled with emotional tension, oscillating between joy and anxiety, hope and despair. The Psalmists knew this, and subsequently scribed their reflections and laments, giving voice to the generations to come who would share their experiences in new contexts as part of a greater narrative.

Singers and songwriters have come and gone for centuries since the Psalmists, and each new generation will pick up what others have left behind, finding inspiration for their craft. For Jameson, that means taking stories of human experience, often his own experience, and informing them with the truth of what Jesus has accomplished. These songs are shared with others in hope that they are reminded that they are not alone in their struggles, fears or temptations, and that God is good.

A Canadian from birth, a musician from childhood and a singer from adolescence, Jameson grew up in Burlington, Ontario, with music all around him. By the time he turned 16 he knew he was called to ministry. After moving around western Canada completing his training, he now lives out that calling full-time, running the worship ministries at his home church in Brampton, Ontario. Informed by his conviction that the Lord instructs his people through scripture to write new songs to the Lord, Jameson writes songs that span the scale of employability from corporate worship to private prayers.

We are never without hope. We are never crushed, or abandoned, but at times it’s true that we are pressed and persecuted. Saying so is an honest truth, and sometimes we need a song to give voice to something we aren’t able to articulate, be it joyous or painful, lament or liberty.

That was the Psalmist’s goal, and that’s Jameson’s goal too: honest music.